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Lanvin Lashes is Top 3 Eyelash Vendors in USA eyelashes market, Lanvin Lashes gained believes and supports from millions of Mink Lash Vendors own its high qulity prodects, quickly delivery,and also its considerate after-sale service.

20MM Mink Lashes Vendors

Lanvin Lashes constantly design new styles to meet the needs of each consumer on different occasions,we provid higher qulity and new styles like 25mm Lashes, and some customers clearly require make the Custom Eyelash Packaging  in order to up to top-level in the market, in this way can make your eyelashes business looks very professional.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Eyeline Pen Glue

As we all known,update new mink lashes styles and custom packaging styles is most important for your 3D Mink Lashes business,if you don’t update the eyelashes style in time. Once the new product appears in the market, your customer will soon be lost and turn to the others who have new products. In this way you can choice us,we update our lashes styles and packaging styles every month,and this video to introduce our company:

Lanvin Lashes  as a Large Eyelash Vendors, wholesale manufacturer mink lashes, Custom Eyelash Packaging, eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers.Our factory was founded in 2008, so we have deep experience in how to start your eyelash business?so How can you make money when you start eyelash business?

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

Let me give you some advice.We know more about what kind of eyelash style our customers like, so we will recommend some of our best-selling products for you, because this is what many customers keep buying back. I believe this style will bring you a good eyelash business.

25mm Mink Lashes

How Improve The Quality Of The Mink Lashes ?

We began to produce 3D mink Lashes ten years before, we produce more than 100 pairs 25mm Lashes every batch in the beginning, and all our lashes are 100% handmade,then we give the sample to our customers,our friends free of charge, let them to test and give us feedback.every batch of mink lash we can get test reports from these tester caring such as: how about the mink lash quanlity?

Mink Lashes Wholesale

Recently, the eyelash business is very popular and there are many loyal customers in USA, so this causes many vendors to be unable to help their customers replenish the goods in time, as our customers don’t need worry about this, we have sufficient inventory, and at the same time have faster shipping, can better help your eyelash business successful.

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale

How To Find A Good Eyelash Vendor ? 

Finding a professional Mink Lashes Vendors is the most important point to Creating Your Own Mink Lashes Brand. So what is the good Mink Lashes vendors? First, professional Mink Lashes Suppliers can provide high quality eyelashes. and the professional Eyelash Vendors can design the eyelash style by itself, which can guarantee the fashion trend of leading the eyelashes.Click Here>>How To Find A Good Eyelash Vendor?

Mink Lashes Wholesale

Third, professional Mink Lashes Vendors can delivery on time. These are very important for the sales of Mink Eyelashes.We are professional great quality of Mink Lashes and Custom packaging Boxes factory.Most of our customers are new to start eyelashes bussiness.So which Is The Most Important Thing To Start Your Own Lashes Business Successful?The answer is choice a good lash vendors.

Lash Wholesale Vendors

16mm Mink Lashes

More Styles Click here>>>

20mm Mink Lashes

More Styles Click here>>>

22mm Mink Lashes

More Styles Click here>>>

25mm Mink Lashes

More Styles Click here>>>

Why We Can Ship Out Our Mink Lashes Immediately?

If you order Real Mink Lashes from our,we can ship out faster than other vendors,if you only order mink lashes without custom packaging,we can ship out on the day you place the order,whether you order custom packaging with your own logo,also don’t worry,we only need 3-5 days to produce your boxes with your own logo.Click Here>> Our Fashest Shipping

Wholesale Mink Lashes

We have many long-term cooperation customers said when they order from other vendors,need more than 20days they ship out,in this way they need order around one month in advance.Why we can ship out immediately when you place order,We are a professional Eyelash Vendors we have sufficient inventory and excellent delivery process and system, we can provide the most professional and fast service for your eyelash business.

Faster Shipping Sufficient inventory

Why Say We Are Legal 3D Mink Lashes Vendors?

We are professional great quality of Mink Lashes and Custom Packaging Boxes manufacturer.We have been in the eyelash business for ten years. We have never done anything to deceive customers, so we have gradually established a trustworthy brand image, so we have slowly accumulated a lot of customers who have long-term cooperative relations.More Customer Feedback Click Here>>

Eyelashes Customers Feedback

Their colleagues help us in the Mink Lashes USA market promotes because we are a legal and professional eyelash vendors, so more and more customers choose Lanvin Lashes as their first vendors to start their eyelash business. We have acquired customers trust with excellent quality and perfect customer service

Mink Lahses Feedback USA

Why More Than 300 Customers Payment For Us Everyday  ? 

High quality and good customer service is the most important things ro start eyelashes bussiness,Now the internet is so popular, everyone knows what is the good products or the bad products. The products that really make money are always quality products.We always provide High Quality Mink Eyelashes. 

Payment For Mink Lashes

Consumers are looking for good quality eyelashes and are not afraid to spend money. What they really want is a high quality good. The middlemen only know  low prices, so that low prices with low quality will eventually collapse! Our high quality products have brought us a large number of customers,you can see how many customers payment for us,this is just a part time payment from our customers. More Paypal Transcation Click Here>>

Payment From Lashes Customers

Why We Can Design Logo Free For You ? 

As we all know,whatever which industry,when you want to start a bussiness successfully,you must have a logo beloge your self,in this way,youe customer can remember you and also they will think you are a professional brand.For example,person look red drink will renmreber coca cola,a good logo will help you increase your brand awareness.As a good eyelashes vendors,we also sell DIY Custom Packaging

Custom Eyelash Packaging USA

We help many customers start their own eyelashes business successful,we have professional design team,if you can confirm order,we can free help you design logo and let you check after received your order payment.Becasue most customers say that if they find designer by themself,the cost is so high

Custom Free Logo Of Packaging

According to complexity cost like 50-200$,but if you can by packaging by us,we will design for you for FREE,and our designer can modify to perfection according to your requirements until you are satisfied,we help our numerous customers design them logo,so we have expersence that which logo will popular and attract customers attention,choice us,we can help you build your brand.

Why We Are Succeeded in Custom Eyelashes Packaging?

If you order our 3D Mink Lash, we can offer you custom eyelashes packaging boxes togther. You know we have been trying to provide you high-quality handmade mink lashes, we also have put a very high demand on the quality of our lash packaging box.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

If you decide to order boxes and eyelashes from us, we will save you a lot of troubles, shipping costs, time and efforts. Beside, we also provide free packaging service as required (loading eyelashes in the box), so that you can sell more lasehs with time spared. Click Here >>> Eyelash Packaging Catalogue

Eyelash Packaging Christmas Box


Custom Butterful Boxes


Custom Clearly Cases

Which Shipping Company We Work With?

We work wiyh Fedex and DHL.We provide products for our customers  of the better quality as other suppliers at the most competitive prices.Our Length ranges from 16 to 25 mm, length and crimp evenly. We can also customize any other style you want.Our tray eyelashes can be filled into a box with the same criteria and different criteria. We also accept sample orders before our customers determine a large order, you can buy our samples to test the quality of our products first.We offer competitive prices and prompt delivery.we deliver the goods to our customer by express. It will take about three to five working days to USA.It’s very fast!

Eyelashes Vendors

Do You Want To Have A Look Of Our Catalogue ?

Click here»16mm 3D Mink Lashes

Click here»25MM DL Mink Lashes

Click here»20MM Mink Strip Lashes

Click here>>>22mm Real Mink Lashes

Click here«Eyelash Packaging Box

Click here«Free Custom Packaging Logo

Click here«Custom Tweezers

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Lashes?Contact Us:

WhatsApp : +8613073479190

WEBSIT: http://www.lanvinlashes.com


INSTAGRAM: lanvinlashes

Leave a Message For Detail inquire Below,We will Get Back To You Within 12 hours 

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