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Most Customers Ask is it Safe to Order Lashes From China?

Most Customers Ask is it Safe to Order Lashes From China?

In these few days,many customers worry is it safe to order lashes by us from China? And most customers worry that will they receive a virus from China with the package?Some are wondering if it’s a good idea to shop or receive lashes during the coronavirus outbreak.According to Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, there’s no reason to worry about packages shipped from China or anywhere else outside of the U.S.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said it is safe to receive a letter or a package from China.

“Is it safe to receive a letter or a package from China? A: Yes, it is safe. People receiving packages from China are not at risk of contracting 2019n-CoV. From previous analysis, we know coronaviruses do not survive long on objects, such as letters or packages,” WHO tweeted.

WHO tweeted Safety to receive lashes from China

We are professional Eyelash Vendors,Our company has been established for 7 years. We adhere to the principle of being responsible to our customers and employees. As a result of the virus, all workers in our factory have to undergo a medical examination before they can work, so do n’t worry, all employees who have touched your package We can guarantee that we are in good health, and now the government requires it, so employees who have already worked must wear masks and disinfect their hands every half an hour. We are committed to providing you with the most professional and safty mink lash.

Real Mink Lashes

Eyelashes Packaging

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The Most Popular Eyelashes Packaging in 2020

2020 has begun for a long time. During this time, the USA eyelash market also ushered in many fresh styles. Many beautiful eyelash eyelashes packaging boxes were designed by us. We have been walking ahead of the fashion trend. Customers choose us as a lash vendors to start their eyelash business, and we also help more and more customers successfully realize their dreams.

 Pink Dripping Eyelash Boxes

Our eyelash packaging designer finally create the eyelash driping box, and make it into gold color,holographic silver color and pink dripping onto box,and we can custom eyelash boxes with your logo or brand name ,only 5-7 workdays production time.

If you want custom eyelash packaging, you are smart cooperate with us!! Click Here –> Custom Eyelash Packaging to create your own Lash Brand.


Custom Eyelash Packaging

Golden Drip Eyelash Packaging


Lash Packaging Box

With well over 10 years in Lash packaging boxes design experience we can help you get your own brand product customized.We can design you want logo or brand name with box and let you check before start produce.Wholesale Custom Packagings 

Holographic Lash Wood Packaging

 Cellphone Lash box

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Best Seller Mink Lashes In Few Days

Are you looking for Wholesale Mink Lash Vendors ? Gianni Lashes is your best choice. We are a professional handcrafted Mink Eyelash Vendors, engaging in Mink Lashes Wholesale business for 10 years. We Have already successfully helped more than 2000 eyelash entrepreneurs start wholesale mink lashes business in USA .

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes

mink lash vendor eyelash manufacturer wholesale mink eyelashes


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The Most Popular Custom Eyelashes Packaging in 2020

The Most Popular Custom Eyelashes Packaging in 2020

Lanvin Lashes is best lash vendor in USA.In few days, we ushered in a new year, and recently our company launched many popular custom packaging boxes,and our maosr customers like our packagings,and I believe these custom packaging boxes will be more popular in 2020.

In few days,we have most popular driping custom packaging,drawer boxes,dollor boxes,and more.

Custom Eyelashes Boxes

Driping Custom Boxes

Custom Eyelashes Boxes


Custom widow boxes

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How to Start Your Own Lash Line

How to Start Your Own Lash Line

Do you want to have your own eyelash brand? Do you want to know How to Start My Own Lash Business? as follow that we will show you that how to create your own eyelash brand. I hope we can help you start your own Lash Line

Custom eyelash driping packaging boxes 

1. First you need create your own mink lashes logo

Every Mink Lashes brand has its own Eyelash logo, which will distinguish it from other mink lashes brands. If you found us,You are So Luckly!!! Because our company can FREE help you design own logo!!! And our designers have many years of design experience. If you don’t have yourself logo yet, please Click Here –>> Free Design LOGO For your Lash Brand 

Custom Eyelash Packaging Logo

2. Make market research

You need know which Mink eyelashes styles your customers like and what is price that they can accept. Accurately locate the market and have more customers.Our company has more than ten years of experience in eyelashes sales.there are most popular 3D mink lashes styles in recently. Click Here –>> Mink Lashes catalog For your Lash Brand 

eyelash vendors 25mm mink lashes wholesaleMink Lashes Vendors

3. Find Professional Mink Lashes Vendors

Finding a professional Mink Lashes Vendors is the most important point to Creating Your Own Mink Lashes Brand. So what is the good Mink Lashes vendors? First, professional mink lashes suppliers can provide high quality eyelashes. and the professional Eyelash Vendors can design the eyelash style by itself, which can guarantee the fashion trend of leading the eyelashes. Third, professional Mink Lashes Vendors can delivery on time. These are very important for the sales of Mink Eyelashes.

Lanvin Lashes has More than 10 years Mink Lashes Production and wholesale mink lashes sale experiences, We are the most professional eyelashes vendor in China.

4. Distinguish which are the Real Mink Lashes 

How to distinguish of Mink eyelashes and silk lashes by burning them.
Taste: there will be a smell of burning human hair when the mink lashes burning.
Speed: The speed at which the Real Mink Lashes burn is very slow. after the fire is extinguished, the eyelashes will not burn on themselves. but the silk eyelashes will burn on their own.
Ashes: After the Real Mink eyelashes are burned, the ash is powdery. but after the silk lashes burned, there is no ash, and they will shrink into a ball.


5. Promote Your Brand of Mink Lashes

If you already have the above four points, then you can promote Your Own Lash Line. You can use your social software, such as INS, YouTube, pinterest, Facebook, and etc. The most important is to build a website on Google. According to our many years of experience, the best promotion effect is website, followed by INS and YouTube.

eyelash vendors with packaging

6. Choice Popular mink lashes and Start My Own Lash Line

Dear,if you want Start Own Lash Business Line and don’t know how to choice Mink Lashes ,you can choice from these sample packs.We have more than ten years of experience in eyelash production and sales,We made 7 sample packs selection, these samples are very hot sell and popular mink lashes,covered different length styles,Prices from 67.5$ to 91$,included shipping costs.
dear,Please see the page links,Choose your favorite pack.

How to order Lashes Sample Pack:
Click Here –>> EyeLash Sample Pack Orders List

The above is some of the experience we have summarized to how to create my own eyelash brand, I hope that it can help you.

Mink eyelash vendors

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Some popular custom eyelashes packaging in these days

As we all know, all industries need to innovate and keep up with the trend, and the eyelash business is no exception. As a professional eyelash and eyelash packaging production factory, we continue to innovate and lead the trend of the eyelash and eyelash packaging supply marketLanvin lashes is the best wholesale eyeashes vendors whatever in Chinese and US eyelashes and eyelashes packaging market.Now,we can show you the most popular custom eyelashes packaging in eyelashes vendors market,and some with our customers custom logo as an example.

1.Most popular custom eyelashes packaging open door eyelashes packaging 

Eyelashes packaging with your own logo 

custom eyelashes packaging 

2.Most popular drawer boxes in eyelashes market

Eyelashes packaging

Drawer eyelashes packaging 

3.Always popular marble custom eyelashes packaging 

custom packaging

Innovation is the lifeblood of an enterprise. As eyelashes, this consumer group is basically all women’s business. Novel styles and exquisite packaging are undoubtedly an important aspect of improving your product competition. Imagine that when you sell a product with your own brand name The beautifully packed products of eyelashes will more attract the attention of customers, thereby improving your brand competitiveness and memory points, which is undoubtedly an important way to make you successful


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Why Do So Many People Choose LanvinLashes As Their MinkLashes Wholesale Vendor US?

1: exquisite and unique raw material treatment technology so far no one can reach!In the pursuit of perfection, each hair is carefully selected by patient workers with hair tips.(other suppliers don’t have the technology and don’t choose at all)

2:Each Hair is put on the design by skilled workers and assure the left eyelash is same as the right mink eyelash .Eyelash integral effect is perfect!(other products have asymmetric eyes)

3:About the eyelash band, the eyelash band is thin and clean, the glue is developed exclusively:, and obtain the national patent protection, our eyelash eyeliner is soft and durable.Mink eyelashes can be used for 20-25 times.(other products are overflowing with glue, the eyeliner is easy to break after a long time, and the eyelashes fall off!)

4: about mink eyelash 3d modelling, the finalize the design craft that develops exclusively ensures come out eyelash is elegant and natural, be not hard, easy break, overgrown!

5.As for 3d individual mink eyelashes design, we have our own designers, which constantly update styles according to the changing demands of the international market, and always stay at the forefront of fashion and lead the international eyelash trend.Many of our designs soon became hot style!Our designers are able to tailor designs to customer needs, which is unique in the market.Help customers consolidate the market.Make your beauty more unique!

6: in terms of delivery time, in the Internet age, time is money, and in the Internet age, the winner takes all. Whoever seizes the time will gain business opportunities.

7.As for mass production, our workers have years of experience, training, patience, perseverance and creativity to ensure the consistency between mass production and samples.

8: about the packaging, you only need to tell us your ideas, the designer will make a three-dimensional effect after the order confirmation!

9: our cruelty free eyelashes  business personnel are patient, considerate, always think of you, urgent you urgent, is your strong and reliable backing!

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Lanvin Lashes’s Record Of Customer Transactions Within One Day

Lanvin Lashes’s Record Of Customer Transactions Within One Day

Every time our customer places an order from Lanvin eyelash vendors, in order to let our customer receive their package earlier, we will told our customer: “We have a lot of orders for production and delivery. In order to let you receive your package earlier, I suggest you can pay the prepayment first, so that we can prepare your package in time, and when you pay the balance we can send it directly. “

Lanvin eyelash vendors Record 1

Most customers don’t believe that we have so many orders, or some customers can’t imagine How many orders do we have? The screenshot below is the payment record of our PayPal in one day.

Lanvin eyelash vendors Record 2

We have a lot of orders every day. This is enough to show that our products are of good quality and the quality of our eyelashes is stable. If you are interested in our eyelashes, you can order samples first and you will definitely like our eyelashes.

Lanvin eyelash vendors Record 3

And we also sell custom eyelash packaging, the eyelash packaging with your logo MOQ is very low, and the price is very reasonable. We also sell eyelash glue, tweezers and other ancillary products. You can purchase all the eyelash products you need at one time.

Lanvin eyelash vendors Record 1

Lanvin is an eyelashes vendor worthy of your cooperation

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Our Best-Selling Six Style Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Our Best-Selling Six Style Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes

  1. We have our own eyelash packaging factory!!!
  2. MOQ of our custom eyelash packaging is very low!!!
  3. Produce time only 1-2 days!!
  4. Can add your logo on the box!!
  5. We have many eyelash packaging box you can choose.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes catalog


Here are six of our best-selling custom eyelash packaging style.

Diamond-Shaped Eyelash Packaging Box

The first one is a diamond-shaped eyelash packaging box with a mist of smoke on the surface of the eyelash box. The box looks more charming. Of course you can add your logo to the box.


Diamond-Shaped Marble Eyelash Packaging Box

The second one is a diamond-shaped and marbled lash packaging boxes that is also very popular and looks very luxurious.


Rectangle-Shaped Black Marble Eyelash Packaging Box

The third eyelash packaging is the latest design of our designer. This box changes the color of the marble in the past. It is designed with black marble lines and looks very calm and atmospheric.

Rectangle-Shaped With Double Cover Eyelash Packaging Box

This double-sided lid lash packaging is also the latest design of our designer. The double-sided lid is more luxurious and with white marble pattern. It is noble and does not lose its freshness.


Rectangle-Shaped With Laser Eyelash Box Packaging

This custom eyelash packaging is a classic rectangular box made of laser paper, very shining, especially under the sun. It’s perfect, and with your logo, your logo will be the most shining.

Glitter Eyelash Box Packaging

The glitter eyelash box has always been the most popular, we have so many glitter eyelash packaging boxes, a variety of shapes, a variety of colors to meet your needs. The glitter eyelash box is very shiny, and the eyelashes are placed inside to make the eyelashes shine.


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Why Do Some Starting Mink Lashes Businesses Grow Bigger And Bigger

On the contrary, some starting a mink lash entrepreneurs’ businesses and mink eyelashes wholesale USA are getting smaller and smaller. Why do the same mink lashes business  efforts result in different results? Let us answer you: Because you chose the wrong 3d mink lashes cruelty free at the beginning, which leads to no more efforts, the 3d mink lashes extensions are originally a brand-like product. Customers customize their own LOGO packaging mink lash boxes, but the quality of the 3d mink lashes wholesale private label will not form a brand? Even if you have more 3d mink lashes wholesale private label customer groups, 3d lashes mink natural quality is not good, your customer base is more, once you buy it, you won’t buy it again, and you won’t recommend it to others.

On the other hand, if you buy 100% real siberian mink lashes product, your customer base is not much, but you start selling it to a person. First, this person will buy it again. Second, this person may also introduce three people to buy your 100% real siberian mink lashes . This kind of minkeyelash business is also very simple to do, viral marketing is to do so, but viral marketing really needs best quality mink lashes, a good brand without good quality 100% 3d mink lashes products is impossible to achieve.

If you really want to make a brand, you have to choose a best quality mink eyelash in china. If you just choose the cheapest minklash, you still have to be a brand. I suggest you don’t waste your time because 99% will fail. ! If you still have to do it, you can only waste your money and time. It is our sincere advice, because we have encountered too many customers to do this. I hope that you will be prepared before you decide on the wholesale minklash, think about it, do market research, investigate faux mink eyelash  , and experience the 3d mink lashes.