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Human Hair Lashes

How To Choose Human Hair Lashes According To Makeup

Hot selling natural 3D mink eyelashes private label mink lashes
Hot selling natural 3D mink eyelashes private label mink lashes

It’s not hard to build a better makeup someone’s .The first step is to start from  Mink Lashes. Do not underestimate this small tool, it can change your eye shape covered up your shortcomings, it is important! It can provide you with strong power! Women who do not use Human Hair lashes have no future!

Human Hair lashes have very diverse styles, according to makeup it can be divided into dense, natural and basic type

The steps to stick Human Hair lashes are as follows:

First remove the Human Hair lashes from the box with tweezers and gently fold the Human Hair lashes round with your hands.

Trim Human Hair lashes according to your own eye size.

Use a cotton swab to apply the glue evenly to the root of the Human Hair lashes, sticking from the top of the eye, and slowly sticking to the end of the eye.

According to the length, the normal length is generally 5-6 mm, what designed to create a clear eye makeup is also suitable for smaller eye contour girls. 6-10 mm is suitable for girls with big eyes, wear obvious and natural enough. 10 mm or more will develop into an exaggerated stage modeling friends.

According to the way to create eyelashes through the length of eyelashes and eye end of the eye , the amount and location to determine the eye type. The closer the long eyelashes to the middle, the more you can create a sweet and lovely effect. The more you reach the end of the eye, the more you can create a mysterious and slender effect.

Bottom eyelashes,it is definitely a plus single product for today’s hot vertical drop makeup which can create doll-like makeup effect.

 Natural style makeup effect:

Before and after the distribution are similar to our own eyelashes, so the effect is more natural. From the eyes began to gradually lengthen the back, like his eyelashes.

 SD doll style makeup:

Slim eyelashes evenly distributed around the eyes, like the extremely popular around the SD doll, suitable for exquisitely carved girls.

Lovely style makeup:

Eyelash position corresponding to the eye position will be longer, people’s attention will be focused on the location of eyes, you can play a delicate and poor results.

Wild style makeup:

Eyelash curl will be reduced accordingly, but also can play the effect of eyeliner.

Prominent eye makeup super natural makeup.Slender eyelashes dense arrangement can cause foggy eyes.

Use of bottom eyelashes:

Bottom eyelashes can significantly increase the look of the eyes and create the feeling of eye drooping.

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