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How To Design A Professional Eyelash Packaging?

How To Design A Professional Eyelash Packaging?

After getting to know a little about our company, why don’t we continue discussing details? So the main character of the next content —Eyelash Packaging. When consumers buy eyelashes, they first see their outer packaging. A good Eyelashes Vendor not only has high-quality eyelashes, and its outer packaging should also deeply impress buyers. After all, a perfect eyelash box always plays a vital role in attracting customers, right?《How To Do Your Own Eyelashes Business More Successful?

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How to design a professional eyelash packaging?

The contents of the lash packaging can be divided into five parts :brand name, LOGO, color, slogan, social media information

First,we usually start by looking at the brand name on the package.

Through the brand name,consumers will have an impression on you and your eyelash business.

Second, Eyelash LOGO.

Professional LOGO makes consumers remember your brand through lines, colors, and so on,enhancing the value of the brand.

The third,point is the color of the box.

The color of the box must match that of the LOGO,which requires careful design by the designer.

Forth, the slogan.

If the brand is the eye of the box, the slogan is the soul of it.

Custom Lash Boxes

Many eyelash box vendors won’t alert you to this because of information disclosure. Professionally, if you have already designed this information,we recommend adding it. Not only will you build your sales channel, but you’ll also get free advertising. Why not?

Whether the product is good or not, just look at the factory. We constantly invite customers to visit our factory,because only by understanding the entire industrial chain can you become a professional buyer.《Why The Mink Eyelash Logo And Brand Name Is Importante?

Wholesale Eyelash Packaging

Our company provides processing and packaging integrated marketing solutions, OEM and ODM services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the United States.

We encourage thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises to start their businesses every year.Our Eyelash Packaging Factory, located in Qingdao and covering an area of 5000 square meters, is a standard modern eyelash packaging factory,where owns UV printer, the most advanced 3D printer in the world.

Custom Eyelash Box Packaging

Production process:

  • EYELASHES DESIGN: Design styles, colors, and positions according to customers’ requirements.
  • DRAW AND PRODUCE DIE PLATE: It takes half to one day to customize it according to different box shapes.
  • BOX COVER PRINTING: Colorful, real, and not easy to fade by using top printers in the world.
  • LAMINATING: One is a light membrane, the other is dim remembrance. In order to save costs,
  • some vendors do not laminate the box. Consult our salesmen, and you can get a simple and professional method to determine whether your box is laminated or not.
  • FOIL-STAMPING: It can make the brand name and LOGO especially attractive in the light.
  • INNER BOX PRODUCE: The length of eyelashes determines the size of eyelash drags,
  • and the size of eyelash drags determines the size of the box. Therefore, the box is divided into an inner box respectively with large and smallholders.
  • ADHESIVE PROCESS:This is done by machine, making the box firm.
  • ASSEMBLY PROCESS: The outer and inner boxes are generally glued by hot-melt adhesive. There are three kinds of glue ——dot glue,straight-line glue, and curve glue.
  • CLEANING: Use alcohol or water to remove dust and disinfect.
  • PACKING: Sealed with adhesive tape in the outer layer, the express box is of high quality and anti-extrusion.

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