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How To Save And Reuse Mink Eyelashes?

How To Save And Reuse Mink Eyelashes?

Today I will share how to preserve 3D Mink Eyelashes and increase the lifespan of eyelashes. Although I am really not good at applying them. Don’t get me wrong, I like Dramatic Wholesale Lashes, but I have always been difficult to grasp during the application process. In other words, I only wear false eyelashes when a friend or makeup artist helps me make-up, or when I have hours ready to participate in activities and really focus.《How To Choose the Best Mink eyelashes?

This does not mean that I do not like a good tool to help extend the life of my Mink Lashes Wholesale . I went home too many times after drinking a glass of wine, but I tore them off in the morning and found that they were countless in the trash can. Now, the order at home has been fully effective, and I am using this time not only to learn how to apply eyelashes, but also to provide a good cleaning effect for the eyelashes I own.《Why We Suggest You Custom Your Own Custom Packaging?

I got in touch with two New York City makeup artists, Meghan Nguy and Tommy Makeup, for tips on how to extend the life of Mink Eyelashes. After chatting with them, I realized that the three-step process is very simple.

1.Remove The Glue.

Always start by removing excess glue remaining on the lash band. Nguy told me: “An easy way is to grab a pair of tweezers and gently remove any glue that may still be on the band.” When I did this, I grabbed my trusted tweezers diagonally. Tweezers, and carefully pulled off the dry eyelash glue from the eyelashes. It is so satisfying.

2.Clean Eyelashes.

“If you apply a little mascara on your eyelashes while wearing false eyelashes, I like to use a clean spool dipped in micellar water and slowly comb the eyelashes. The micellar water will help break down the mascara and ensure that each mascara can A little bit of lasting is removed from your fantasy.” Nguy said.Tommy also recommends applying micellar water on a cotton swab and then gently rubbing it on the eyelashes to ensure that all the mascara and glue can be seen when they fall off.

3.Wipe Dry.

When drying the eyelashes, Nguy emphasizes making sure to use the correct towel. Always use lint-free towels, or in my case, I like to use paper towels. When drying, gently press it on the eyelashes, but not too hard-you don’t want to mess up the shape of the eyelashes. (Personally, I don’t use cotton bombs because this material will fall on the eyelashes, which can be annoying.

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