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How to tell if it is a real factory?

How to tell if it is a real factory?

Philosophy and professionalism

Many 3D eyelash purchasers encounter such troubles when purchasing goods. Everyone is saying that they are factories. Everyone is holding the same best-selling product pictures to sell to customers and say that they are 3d eyelash wholesalers. How to distinguish ?

Customers are very headaches. In fact, it is really important to find a reliable supplier. How is it so difficult? ! Teach you a few tricks

1.Distinguish from the concept:Really capable suppliers do not engage in low-price competition. Low-price competition is a thirst for consumers. A capable supplier will not sacrifice product quality in exchange for customer orders. Their eyes will be longer and they will not account for the gains and losses. Instead, focus more on research and development of new products, and study how to maximize product quality. How can research give consumers different feelings? How can research bring more business opportunities to middlemen? The customer has the same philosophy as me, we work together! Customers are not the same as my philosophy, and customers are welcome to find a supplier that suits them!

2.Distinguish from professionalism:

Professionalism, professionalism! Professionals who do things can do good things and do things!

If you are at the show, only high-end eyelashes, the most people with eyelash products at the show, are basically manufacturers.

Just post a promotional picture, with a few templates, often a trading company.

Find a manufacturer on the Internet: still professional!

If everyone says that they are suppliers, then ask them if they are doing high school and low school? You can also look at his professionalism. Anyone who does high school and low-end can do it. It can be concluded that he is not a direct supplier. The supplier you are looking for is to buy goods from various manufacturers and then sell them to customers.