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Why Our Customers Can Received Mink Lashes Within 3-5 Days?

Why Our Customers Can Received Mink Lashes Within 3-5 Days?

We are professional great quality of Mink Lashes and Custom Packaging Boxes manufacturer.If you order Real Mink Lashes from our,we can ship out faster than other vendors,if you only order mink lashes without custom packaging,we can ship out on the day you place the order,whether you order custom packaging with your own logo,also don’t worry,we only need 3-5 days to produce your boxes with your own logo.

Eyelashes Shipping From Fedex

We have many long-term cooperation customers said when they order from other vendors,need more than 20days they ship out,in this way they need order around one month in advance.Why we can ship out immediately when you place order,We are a professional Eyelash Vendors we have sufficient inventory and excellent delivery process and system, we can provide the most professional and fast service for your eyelash business.In this case we can help you reduce the loss of customers due to lack of 3D Mink Lashes.

Sufficient Mink Lashes Stock

Because our shipments are more faster than other Mink Lashes Vendors, we are fedex VIP customers, so we ask fedex to provide our customers with the best quality and fast service, so you can get lower price of shipping than other vendors but shipping time is faster. This is one of the reasons why many customers choose us as an Eyelash Vendors. Recently, the eyelash business is very popular and there are many loyal customers in USA, so this causes many vendors to be unable to help their customers replenish the goods in time, as our customers don’t need worry about this, we have sufficient inventory, and at the same time have faster shipping, can better help your eyelash business successful.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

How to choice a good eyelashes vendors have a faster and cheaper shipping?Lanvin Lashes  as a Large Eyelash Vendors, wholesale manufacturer mink lashes, Custom Eyelash Packaging, eyelash glue, eyelash tweezers.Our factory was founded in 2008, so we have deep experience in how to start your eyelash business?so How can you make money when you start eyelash business? Let me give you some advice.We know more about what kind of eyelash style our customers like, so we will recommend some of our best-selling products for you, because this is what many customers keep buying back. I believe this style will bring you a good eyelash business.

25mm Lashes Wholesale