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How to Care for Brazilian Body Wave Hair?

Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair has been one of our most popular textures to date, even surpassing our Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair. The Wholesale Brazilian Hair texture offers a S-styled deep wave pattern that’s low maintenance. To maintain your bundles, you will want to co-wash weekly and shampoo bi-weekly. These tips will assist in giving you the best experience as well as a longer wear of your Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair extensions.《How To Quickly Creat Your Eyelash Logo?

Starting from the moment you are ready to install your Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions, decisions on the best products to use or even how frequent to co-wash your bundles will be made. Please be aware that no single care regimen will be like another. When purchasing virgin hair extensions, your product comes from one donor. Similar to any other human by product, no two heads are alike resulting in different needs per the bundles you receive. With this said, don’t fret if you have to step outside of your go-to routine to care for your Wholesale Brazilian Hair extensions.《How To Do Your Eyelash Business More Successful?

Best Products to Use on Brazilian Body Wave Hair

Whether you’re a new customer or a beauty guru, you know that Virgin Hair extensions do not require a hefty amount of maintenance. However there are certain things to keep in mind when selecting what products will work best. By rule of thumb, we do not recommend any heavy products or any products that will strip the hair of its natural moisture. If you are unsure of what exactly to look for, stay away from products that may include ingredients such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, or alcohol. These ingredients are known to cause issues such as dryness which can later result in tangling or even possible shedding.

Heavy products such as oils, mousse, or gels also are not necessary when caring for your Mink Virgin Hair Bundles extensions. Stick to the mantra that “less is more”. The more product you apply to your extensions, the more you weigh down the hair itself. Anything heavier than a dime-sized amount of light serum should not be applied to your extensions unless you are doing a deep-conditioning treatment.

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