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How To Design And Start Your Own Custom Eyelashes Packaging?

Most of your Mink Lashes Vendor would say that is very easy to design your Custom Eyelash Packaging.Please give me your love, and I will add it to the surface of the packaging. Yes , and this is the easy way to produce the Eyelash Packaging.And today miis Lashes will share the professional ways to make Custom Lash Boxes step by step.

If you have no ideas about how to design an amazing eyelash logo, I suggest you find your designer by Fiverr,there are too many professional Wholesale Lashes logo designers help you design your logo, and that will cost 30 USD to 60 USD.Usually it will takes one or two days, you will receive your Lashes Logo. You can give all your ideas to your designer, such as color, pattern, shape.etc.

Most Lashes Vendor just send their Lashes Packaging Box to you, and you can only choose the Eyelash Custom Packaging from the Lash Boxes catalog,you can not change anything.So if your logo are the black, you can choose the red packaging or the white packaging according to the other color of your logo,but if your lashes vendor don’t have these two color you have too give it up. Mink Eyelash The best way is that you send your color to your 3D Mink Lashes Vendor,and the designer will design the exact color for you ,and they will print for you.That will takes 7-10 business days to finish this order,and if you want to produce the Lashes Packaging within 5 days, you have to choose the printing ways.

There are two patter you should add, the first one is the outer of the box, and the other one is the inner one.You can add any pattern you like on the surface of the box to match your logo.All you want to add you should match your lashes logo, this is the basic rules if you want to make a professional Lashes Packaging.

There are too many shape Lash Packaging Wholesale in the market, you should choose the one you like,and then your lashes vendor designer will design the sketch for you to make sure the exact effect you want to design.The slogan can attract your customers, and make sure they can find you by your social media.Such as the website, your phone number, your Facebook or Instagram, which will promote your mink lashes business line.