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How To Let Your Lahes Stay Soft Even Use More Times?

To maintain the softness of eyelashes, you must first choose the correct type of eyelashes. Eyelashes are usually divided into Mink Lashes, silk eyelashes, and fake mink eyelashes. The softest style is mink eyelashes. Therefore, the mink eyelashes are very comfortable to wear.《Why Say Our Mink Lashes Can Wear 25-30 Times?

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There will be no stinging sensation of eye piercing, no embarrassment of hair loss after wearing once or twice, and no inferior quality feeling that the eyelash stalk will be broken after wearing it once.《Who Does Mink Lashes Near Me?

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So we must first choose mink eyelashes. Then why the mink eyelashes are so soft, thanks to the material it is made of. Mink eyelashes are made of Siberian mink hair, and they are made from the hair naturally shed from the tail of Siberian Mink Lashes, And we use the hair of the mink tail, because only this part of the hair is the closest to the structure of human eyelashes. So it is very softso the raw materials are very precious.But the most important point is that our eyelashes are cruelty-free.

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Our eyelashes can be reused 25-30 times, but if they are not cleaned in time, a lot of glue will be attached, which will make the eyelashes very dirty. And if you don’t wash it in time, your eyelashes will lose their previous bulkiness and softness. We provide luxurious mink eyelashes, which will not be deformed or shed after washing.

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