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How To Prevent When You Start Eyelash Business Deceived?

How To Prevent When You Start Eyelash Business Deceived?

Recently, many customers told me that they were swindled by scammers, lost money and lost eyelashes business, and it will take a long time to restart eyelashes business.

So, what are the characteristics of scammers? How to avoid being cheated?

First, scammers will use some beautiful 25mm lashes and 16mm lashes pictures to attract customers, and steal other people’s videos and pictures. The actual received is a completely different style, and even not shipped at all.

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Secondly, their quotation is very low. Make customers think it is too cost-effective, the style is too beautiful, the price is cheap and includes theEyelash Packaging. Deceived can’t wait to place an order and make big money.

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Third, the scammers do not accept PayPal, Alibaba these payment methods, they only accept Western Union. PayPal and Alibaba are guaranteed payment methods. When you have not received the goods, you can apply for a refund at PayPal or Alibaba.

Western Union, if the supplier does not deliver, you will not be able to apply for a refund.

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Therefore, when you plan to order, please be sure to observe clearly. Don’t be attracted by the low-cost and beautiful 25mm mink lashes.
What you get will be what you pay for, so you won’t have such cheap eyelashes, but also high quality eyelashes. If so, what is the profit of the factory?

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