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It Is Definately A LOSS If You Don’t Pick This Case As Your Lashes Packagings As A Starter


Clear Circle Cases with Different Thrust Paper


     If u just started your lashes business dear this case will definitely be your best choice as the lash packagings. Why? This one has the best price first of all. We all know as a starter in a new trade we don’t have much budget so we usually start from sampling and if you like the sample lashes you will think about the packagings because once the lashes have packagings it will look a whole product. I believe you vendors can imagine how excited a lady received her lashes in a individual packaging instead of a simple plastic container!

clear circle cases in different color 

    AND what counts is once the lashes has a packaging no matter how simple the packaging is the inner value of the lashes will increase a lot! Because women are the animal of eyes. Just the same sense as other products such as clothes,shoes even foods! If your customer just receive a bare product without packaging no matter what good quality your product has your customer will not believe it unless they used them.

too simple & crude&not professinal

   This little case is eyecatching and has many color available. The laser one is the most popular and then the hot pink, golden rose and light pink and so on! You can mix to order in order to offer your customers more choices! 

laser paper pop out the lashes best

     very popular gentle pink glitter


golden rose glitter

gold glitter 


    But how to show your own brand name or logo on this little case? We can make logo sticker of for you! We have high-tech printing machines which can make your logo sticker very fast and very precise! You can see we can make stickers different color of background and font. For some customers who wants to make their personal profiles as the logo it is also ok. 

cases & your private lable
cases & your private lable                       
private logo stickers
    private logo stickers                                                                                                                                               if you are interested in our clear circle cases please contact me :   whatsapp:+86 13073479190                         my ig: lanvinlashes