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Most Customers Ask Choose Mink Eyelashes or Synthetic Eyelashes ?

Most Customers Ask Choose Mink Eyelashes or Synthetic Eyelashes ?

Hey beauty! Since there are various types of false eyelashes on the market, it can become a little overwhelming when trying to narrow the difference and which is the right one. What exactly are Mink Eyelashes? How do they compare to artificial eyelashes? Fortunately,As a professional Mink Eyelash Vendor, we will break it down and explain the main difference between the two most common banded false eyelashes: synthetic fiber and mink. We hope this can help you make the right decision to achieve your most beautiful eyes!《Why Most Girls Choice Mink Lashes On Eyes?

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The most common false eyelashes on the market are made from synthetic materials, typically plastic fibres, which look quite unnatural, as they are thicker than the typical human lashes, and also have stubbier ends. They can also be quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear due to the thicker and less malleable band.《How-To-Protect-Your-Mink-Eyelashes-To-Keep-More-Use


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On the contrary, mink eyelashes are light weight and comfortable to wear because their fibers are softer, lighter, and naturally have beautiful curls. For the mink eyelashes of Lanvin Lashes, we also used a very soft handmade cotton strap, which provides unparalleled comfort and ease of use. Each mink eyelash is crafted by hand, with a unique and natural effect, which cannot be imitated by any machine or synthetic eyelashes. Each fur is very thin, and the ends gradually become thinner, making your eyelashes almost indistinguishable from your eyelashes. Because we have many professional eyelash production staff, they make mink eyelashes by hand.


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We have more than hundreds of eyelash styles for you to choose from, and there will definitely be a style that will satisfy you. And we match the perfect Custom Eyelash Packaging for mink eyelashes, and we provide customized packaging services. You can print your own brand name on the packaging to start your own eyelash business.

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If you want to start your eyelash business and gain a stable customer base, come and contact us. Lanvin Lashes will help you realize this wish.

Now if someone were to ask you, “what are mink lashes ?”, you are basically a pro! Want to learn more? Check our our blog post, “How To Wear Mink Eyelashes?”, to learn just how easy they are to apply (with some practise of course!).

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