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Some FAQ Of Our Mink Lashes And Company

Lanvin Lashes can not only provide you with High-Quality Eyelashes, but also help you custom your own personal Eyelash Packaging, help you create a personal eyelashes brand, so if you are just starting your eyelashes business, it is very important to choose eyelashes, we have a variety of styles and different lengths of eyelashes for you to choose, so 10 pairs of eyelashes samples, in addition to saving shipping costs, the best.《Which Eyelashes Are The Most Popular In Calvin-Lashes?

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1: what are your eyelashes made of?

Our eyelashes are mink eyelashes, and are made by collecting the hair that the mink naturally falls off, so it is cruel free

2: what’s the minimum quantity of your eyelashes? Will there be a discount if I buy more?

Our eyelash minimum order quantity is 10 pairs, the more you buy, the more cost-effective, I will give you a best wholesale price!

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3: is the logo of the custom box pasted or printed? What is the minimum order quantity? What if I don’t have a logo?

The minimum order quantity of our boxes is 30, and the logo is through the most advanced 3D printing technology, so it will not fall off. Many customers like to customize the box, but they don’t have their own logo. Don’t worry. If you confirm the order, we will have a professional designer design the logo for you for free《Most Customers Ask Me How To Wear Lashes?

4: if I want to see the quality of eyelashes, do you provide samples?

Of course, we only produce high quality mink eyelashes. Our eyelashes can be reused 20 to 25 times. If you want to buy samples to see the quality, we also welcome you to choose the sample bag on our homepage. They have the best-selling styles

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5: who is your express consignor? Can it be delivered all over the world?

We use FedEx, which can be delivered to all parts of the world, and the transportation time is about 5-7 working days! So you can receive it soon after you place your order!

6: how long do I have to wait to get my order? How long is the production time?

We only need 3-5 working days for production. Once we finish the production for you, we will inform you and send you tracking order number as soon as possible

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7: why can’t I find a price on your website? How can I contact you to place an order?

Because our price varies according to the quantity you buy. The more you buy, the more cost-effective the wholesale price we give you, and the more gifts we give you, we hope to have a good communication with you and give you the best price. If you plan to place an order or solve more problems, you can contact me through whatapap, and I will serve you 24 hours a day!

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8: what’s your payment method?

We accept paypal and Alibaba. Of course, as long as you have a bank card, we can send you an invoice and you can complete the payment!

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