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Why we keep updating our own new products?

Why we keep updating our own new products?

Lanvin Lashes is most popular mink lashes vendors,we pubilshed in 2008,and we have prefessional expenience in how to start eyelashes business ,nowdays wo publishes so new products,like eyeline pen glue,some 20mm 7D lashes and 25mm 5D lashes,some customers ask us you are prefessional eyelashes vendors already,why you still keep updating your new products?

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Now we are in an era of continuous updating. The Internet and smart phones make information exchange faster, and the speed of product updates is also accelerating. Only by constantly updating your products can your products be more competitive in the entire market.

New Product Eyeline Pen Glue

In the USA eyelashes market,we are first eyelashes vendors prodduce most popualr 25mm mink lashes,now also most popular,When we get feedback from our customers, they want more dramatic eyelashes for parties or vacations, which will make them more noticeable in the crowd,so we produce 25mm mink lashes to let our customers earn more money.

25MM Mink Lashes

Recently, many of our old customers are discussing with us that they want more three-dimensional eyelashes to make their eyes bigger and more beautiful, so we continue to research and develop in the factory and add our new products 5D lashes and 7D lashes,in this way wo have more than 200 styles lashes can let our customers choice,able to meet the needs of more customer groups

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